World Languages

  Mr. Michael Smith, M.Ed.
Michael Smith came to Ursuline in 2001. He has taught Spanish I, Spanish II, honors Spanish II, Spanish III and teen leadership. He was born in St. Louis and is a graduate of St. John Vianney High School. Before coming to Ursuline, Mr. Smith completed his undergraduate degree at Saint Louis University with majors in secondary education and Spanish and a minor in theological studies. Mr. Smith also holds a Master of Education degree in administration from the University of Missouri.  

  Mrs. Ann Marie Hilmes

  Ms. Meghan Jones

  Mrs. Caroline Springer

World Language Department

Statement of Purpose

  • In accordance with the mission of Ursuline Academy, we, the World Language Department, educate students for Christian living and leadership in a global society. Language learning raises student awareness of the way of life of others. Serviam is a lived reality and is more meaningful when one is able to communicate with another and is able to understand the culture of those we are serving.
  • The World Language Department reflects academic excellence by applying what the student has learned to new situations and by adapting to a variety of learning formats.
  • In respecting the uniqueness of the individual in a community environment, the World Language Department enables the student to recognize diversity as a positive force and to value the dignity of all persons.
  • By being committed to leadership in a global community, the World Language Department encourages and facilitates involvement in local, national, and international communities.   In future education and career choices, the ability to communicate in a second language is an asset.
Courses Offered
French 1
Latin 1
Spanish 1
French 2
Latin 2
Spanish 2
Honors French 2
Honors Latin 2
Honors Spanish 2
French 3
*Honors Latin 3
Spanish 3
*Honors French 3
*Honors Latin 4
*Honors Spanish 3
French 4
Spanish 4
*Honors French 4
*Honors Spanish 4
Greek I
Greek II
*Advanced college credit is available through Saint Louis University’s 1818 program.
Educational trips throughout France, Italy and Spain
French, Latin and Spanish Honor Societies
Junior Classical League
National Latin Exam


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